Our Restaurant at KayaSol has regularly scheduled live music on Thursday and Saturday nights from 7-10 P.M. We respect our hotel guests by keeping the volume to a decent level so that they can retire to bed early if desired however we find most guests would rather join the party. Children also love to dance to the music until they practically fall asleep on the dance floor!

"Livin The Dream" is our house band which plays a popular mix of Rock, Roots Reggae, Country & Blues. The band members consist of: Chicago Ray on harp, Jungle Joe on guitar & percussion, the voice talents of Liza Constable, as well as frequent talented special guests.


Chicago Ray, also part-owner of KayaSol Surf Hotel, was first introduced to the harmonica at age 9 by his mentor, Uncle Teets. Uncle taught him basic songs and instilled in Ray a life-ling love of the instrument. He was first introduced to the blues at age 18 while working the midnight shift on Sunday nights in a gas station in Chicago. Back then, the only station that didn't play religious programs was WVON's by Bill Hill show. He fell in love with Muddy Waters and other various blues artists that were on the radio. “Fate intervened in 1997 when I met my mentor and now one of my best friends, Joe Filisko (google him to see how lucky I was!) He is the foremost historian of Pre-war harmonica blues and now one of the most sought after harp technicians in the world. Joe is also one of the best teachers and harp players known to man, and I don't say that lightly. From him, I learned basic Chicago style blues which incorporates tongue blocking, vamping and chording, which are all subtle but distinctive Chicago styles.”

Joe introduced Ray to the great Chicago early harp players such as Little Walter, Big Walter Horton, Sonny Boy Williamson & one of Ray’s favorites: Slim Harpo. Ray considers himself lucky to have been able to see Muddy Waters several times as well as Junior Wells, James Cotton, Kim Wilson, Rick Estrin and Rod Piaza. He also has a love for country harp and is influenced by Charlie McCoy, Mickey Raphad (Willie Nelson's harp player) and Kurt "Jelly Roll" Johnson who has played on over 50 gold country records. Make sure to stop by KayaSol Thursday nights for a 5 star meal lovingly prepared by Chef Jorge, and an unforgettable night of music! 

Liza Constable has been a guitarist since age of 10 and a master of intense vocal styling. She has the rare ability to play and sing a variety of styles.  She appears on numerous recordings, most notably, “In my Girlish Days”, her debut solo blues and jazz CD.  “I love Liza’s singing and I’ve loved it for years!… swinging, groovy, expressive…the real thing”  -Matt Glaser, Chairman of the String Department, Berkley College of Music. Make sure to stop by KayaSol Thursday nights for a 5 star meal lovingly prepared by Chef Jorge, and an unforgettable night of music!   

We frequently have guest appearances from talented musicians traveling through, especially in the high season (Nov 15th – April 30th). We welcome all genres of music, and enjoy having a mixture of different bands and music to entertain our restaurant and hotel guests. If you are a musician traveling to Nosara and would like to play with us, please contact Pamela at