Month: April 2021

How To Choose The Ideal Floor For Your Hotel?

There is a wide variety of materials on the market. However, when choosing, we will have to take into account: the area that it will occupy, the use that will be given, the category of the hotel and, above all, the maintenance it will need. For example, the terrace or the bathroom are not the same.

All the elements that make up the last phase of the construction of a hotel, be it flooring, cladding, windows, among others; they have an important role in the final result of the hotel project. We share some types of natural materials and their qualities:


It is traditionally used in high-end hotels. It is related to luxury and good taste.

Advantages: freshly polished it has a spectacular shine. It is highly valued for its aesthetic qualities. It has a variety of colors (white, green, black). Ideal for the noble areas of the hotel: reception, lobby, rooms, stairs.

Disadvantages: when wet it is very slippery so it is not advisable for bathing. Another drawback is its cleanliness since powerful disinfectants finish with its shine.


It is a balanced product that offers a more competitive combination for covering floors and walls in any room. It is one of the materials that stands out for the quality and versatility of its designs. They are products that make up a practically unlimited decorative universe with their different formats, shapes, colors and textures.

Advantages: They manage to perfectly reproduce the beauty of other materials, provide practicality, since their properties make them truly unique: their durability and resistance, easy to clean and maintain, and they never go out of style.


It provides improvements as a natural thermal and acoustic insulator and gives a plus to the usual cladding, ensuring that a busy or high-capacity premises have an adequate acoustic response. It must be classified into two categories: outdoor use, which has to respond to much more aggressive demands, and on the other hand, indoor use where, except for some specific cases, the conditions of use are much more benign.

Advantages:  creates pleasant, sustainable and current environments. Its presentation consists of different textures (from sawn, rustic, brushed or sanded) and finishes (natural, with stain or varnished in different tones and colors).

Disadvantages:  indoors we must be careful with the use that each premises will have to choose the wood and the appropriate format.

Acrylic Stone:

It is a state-of-the-art material that can be molded into any shape thanks to its thermoformable properties. It is composed of acrylic, natural minerals and pigments that bind to provide a smooth, non-porous and visually perfect surface, without visible joints, that meets the highest aesthetic, manufacturing, functionality and hygiene standards, offering multiple advantages over materials conventional. Good materials in the house will always contribute to your good mood and mental health. Which will have a positive effect on your entire life. You can learn more about how to develop mental health skills on the website

Advantages: it offers a practically unlimited range of colors, as well as shades with a special translucency in combination with light, and a 15-year guarantee. It can be worked and used like wood. Acrylic stone can be sawn, milled or drilled with the usual carpenter’s tools.